WCF or ASP.NET Web APIs for web services??

This is a interesting question for everyone and especially for me too. Whenever I got chance to dig for these technologies to create service, I found myself little confuse that which one should I choose.

It may be the “WCF vs ASP.NET Web API” contest for choosing in particular scenario and requirement of client. I got lots of reference and comparison related these two things which are discussed below:

The ASP.NET Web API is a continuation of the previous WCF Web API project (Conceptual changes are described on Codeplex WCF documentation - How to Migrate from WCF Web API to ASP.NET Web API).

Here is comparison from MSDN - WCF and ASP.NET Web API:

ASP.net Web API is all about HTTP and REST based GET,POST,PUT,DELETE with well know ASP.net MVC style of programming and JSON returnable; web API is for all the light weight process and pure HTTP based components. For one to go ahead with WCF even for simple or simplest single web service it will bring all the extra baggage. For light weight simple service for ajax or dynamic calls always WebApi just solves the need. This neatly complements or helps in parallel to the ASP.net MVC.

WCF was originally created to enable SOAP-based services. For simpler RESTful or RPCish services (think clients like jQuery) ASP.NET Web API should be good choice.

In the scenarios listed below you should go for WCF:

  1. If you need to send data on protocols like TCP, MSMQ or MIME
  2. If the consuming client just knows how to consume SOAP messages

We can expose REST endpoints on WCF services as well.

WEB API is a framework for developing RESTful/HTTP services.

There are so many clients that do not understand SOAP like Browsers, HTML5, in those cases WEB APIs are a good choice.Although WCF provides some support for writing REST-style services, the support for REST in ASP.NET Web API is more complete and all future REST feature improvements will be made in ASP.NET Web API.

Here are few nice articles and reference:
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