How to include DevExpress references in ASP.NET projects using NuGet?


DevExpress introduced NuGet packages for some subscriptions and it been a long time that I have not yet tried rather installing full package of DevExpress controls. Now it is much easy to include references through NuGet Package Manager.

Using DevExpress NuGet packages for DevExpress Controls

The brief information about the DevExpress NuGet Packages is described on Mehual Harry’s blog post -
DevExpress NuGet Packages - Now Available

An excellent step-by-step guide to setup Visual Studio for DevExpress NuGet packages available in below QA thread:
DevExpress NuGet Packages: T466415

Setup DevExpress NuGet Feed to Visual Studio

  1. In Visual Studio, select Tools | Options. Under NuGet Package Manager, locate the Package Sources item.
  2. Add new package source using a string in the following format: “{feed-authorization-key}/api”. This feed-authorization-key is available in your DevExpress account's Download Manager and just replace the copied authorization key in the source url.


Using NuGet Packages in Projects

Right-click a solution and select Manage NuGet Packages for Solution and then Select the newly added package source:

Using DevExpress NuGet Packages

Select the package you want to add to your project and all linked references will be added automatically.

Intall DevExpress Packages to Projects

updated references after adding DevExpress Packages to Projects

Now time to test the project after updating references.

Note: If you face problem with editor controls then follow the documentation of ASP.NET MVC Extensions for Integration into an ASP.NET MVC Project and we are doing Manual Integration into an Existing Project.


We have added DevExpress references to the projects from Using DevExpress NuGet packages and after that you will be able to configure your project to run the ASP.NET controls.